Divorce Survival Tips for Women

The latest studies suggest after the dust has settled from a divorce, women are much happier in their daily lives. Women often feel a new sense of purpose and direction when it comes down to new financial responsibilities and the freedom to rekindle forgotten passions. It’s the tricky business of going through the legal process that’s the hardest on most women. Read the “Survival Tips for Women” below to learn how to get through this period and on to a more fulfilling life.

3 Essential Divorce Survival Tips for Women

Survival Tips for Women: Master Your Money
Even women that have high-paying jobs and make a lot of money are sometimes in the dark when it comes to managing finances. Some husbands take it upon themselves to handle all the financial responsibilities and you may not know where your money is actually going on a day-to-day basis. That stops today. You need to start making changes to this routine immediately and take responsibility of managing your own money.

Survival Tips for Women: Take Control
It’s time to take an assertive position with your divorce. You need to be clear and concise when you make you wishes known. If you truly want something, express that to your lawyer and your husband so it becomes a priority. Too many times important items or issues fall by the wayside because women are not used to taking on an assertive role with their husbands. However, ex-husbands often find a new-found respect for women that take this position during the divorce. Expert Lisa Meyer (Family Law Attorney) claims “I’ve seen a lot of reconciliations at this point, but with a better dynamic between the spouses.” Never be afraid to fight for the things you want to hold on to.

Survival Tips for Women: New Perspective.
Developing a new perspective on life can really get you through this dark period. As stated above, women often feel renewed after divorce so try to focus on the positives of your future. It helps to dive back into passions that you didn’t have time for before. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn the piano or a new language, become a master chef or travel. By planning for your future, you take your mind off any negativity and actively chart out this new dream life at the same time.

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