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Things to Know Before Getting a Divorce

There many aspects to a divorce that people don’t consider when all the emotions and legal documents start to get tossed around. It’s reasonable to assume that you’re in for quite the roller coaster but you should keep in mind that you’re working towards a goal that will ultimately make you happier. Many that have…


Problems with Retirement after Divorce

There are matters facing women that make it difficult to retire after divorce, especially if you’re middle-aged or close to retirement. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many women in America today. There are various factors that cause this problem and contribute to the continually dwindling figures in women’s retirement funds. It’s important to understand…


Paying Alimony

Despite what many people believe, there are no set guidelines for Alimony. The courts consider the needs of both parties when they decide if someone should be awarded alimony. In these cases, it’s safe to assume the person who is more financially vulnerable will be awarded alimony. The reasoning stems from the fact that someone…


What to Avoid When Going through a Divorce

There are quite a number of mistakes you can make while waiting for your divorce proceedings. These common mistakes could drastically affect your future and sometimes people don’t stop to consider the consequences of their actions when they’re facing a serious separation of property, family, and debt. There are also things that simply slip a…


Divorce Advice: Things to Consider While Going through Divorce

If you’re going through a divorce, you’re probably wondering what’s in store. There are many common misconceptions floating around television and gossip columns that portray divorce as this vicious battle between two extremely petty parties. This can be the case depending on the people involved but it doesn’t have to play out like a battle…