Paying Alimony to Your Ex-Husband

Women have come a long way over the past century, making strides for equality more and more each year. A new phenomenon has recently occurred over the past few years of men being allotted alimony from women. Studies suggest that women have become the larger or primary income in nearly 40% of households in the United States. However, when petitioning for alimony while getting a divorce, the person that makes the most usually ends up paying. Before, alimony seemed to be a primary concern for men, but now statistics show that in nearly 10% of divorce cases, men are awarded alimony.

Paying Alimony to Your Ex-Husband: How the Court Decides

Alimony is intended to give the lower-income spouse the opportunity to get back on their feet after an extended marriage where they were either a stay-at-home parent or worked very little. Gender should not play a factor when it comes to awarding alimony, so if you make a lot more money than your spouse, you might end up paying for it.

Paying Alimony to Your Ex-Husband: How Alimony Works

This might be frustrating as a woman, having to work so hard for years and then having to pay your ex-spouse after the divorce, but you should know that alimony is not permanent. It’s designed to be a way to help the lower-income spouse get back to being independent. Alimony usually has a set number of years as well, in addition to some stipulations. For instance, if your husband remarries or you lose your job, you can petition to reduce or eliminate the alimony altogether.

Paying Alimony to Your Ex-Husband: What this Means for You

If you do have to pay alimony, know that it’s commensurate to your paycheck and won’t last forever. It also means that you are strong and independent when it comes to finances. You should take pride in the knowledge that you have the means to support yourself and when everything has settled, your life will more than likely be better than before.

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