You Can’t be Fired Because of Divorce

If you have given some thought to what your divorce means, in accordance with your job and financial stability, you should know that you can’t be fired because of divorce. There are a few reasons why people think this could be the case for them, even a case that occurred in 2006 (Supreme Court ruled on a case involving Robert Smith) from New Jersey where an employee was fired after he told his supervisor that he was going through a divorce, who also worked at the store.

The court ruled it unlawful for the supervisor to take such measures because it weakened the broader sense of stability of the workforce within the state.

When getting a divorce, it’s safe to assume that the proceeding will be costly. You may have to move if your spouse wants to sell the house and you may have to find an alternative means of transportation. This may even inconvenience your work in some way. However, it’s highly unlikely that your place of work would be able to terminate your employment because of divorce alone.

The case was seen as a very important ruling because of its connection with “marital status” and employment. Allowing the business or company to win such a case would have drastic repercussion for the state as a whole.

You should also know that this ruling has no bearing over disruptions at work because of your divorce. Just because the court ruled that you can’t get fired over your divorce, but you can still be fired within the parameters of your work’s preset rules. Being disruptive and not showing up is something that you can still be terminated for, even if you claim these as emotional responses to your divorce.

The fact remains that you shouldn’t feel anxious or worried about your job being lost if you have to take time off for your divorce. As long as you’re responsible, you can’t be fired because of Divorce.

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