Divorced Father’s Rights

divorced fathers rights

Just like any other parent in a divorce situation, it is important to consider divorced father’s rights. When you are going through a tough and painful divorce, sometimes you might forget the rights that you have.

These rights are specifically in relation to your children and the custody arrangements for the future. While your wife might want sole custody, you need to know your rights as the father. You will present your case before a judge and then the custody decision can be made that way. You also shouldn’t be in the mindset that the court will automatically favor the mother. Often they favor the parental figure that is most prominent in the child’s life.

Divorced Father’s Rights: Mediation

There are also mediation possibilities where you discuss divorced father’s rights with your partner and attempt to come up with a custody solution. There are many fathers who do not want custody of their children. However, if you do, it’s a good idea to talk to divorce lawyers who can help you understand all of your rights. The benefits of mediation are often costing you and your wife less money, nothing is admissible in court, and the process is generally faster than taking your case to trial.

Your divorced father’s rights also stretch to matters such as how much child support you pay and what you must expect in return. Don’t assume that if your spouse gains sole custody of your child that you’ll just become an ATM machine and never receive rights to be with their child.

Divorced Father’s Rights: Custody

If you are adamant about keeping custody of your child, you’ll probably receive joint custody with your wife. This seems to be the way most cases go, as long as you’ve played an equally valuable role in your child’s life as their mother.

The most important thing to remember is not to let your sentimentality get in the way either. Chances are your wife will have hired lawyers already. You have to make the effort to do the research and have proper legal representation. You need to find a lawyer that will fight for your needs as a parent and maintain your relationship with your child.

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