Reassuring Pieces of Divorce Advice

We all want to feel some sense of comfort after a divorce. It’s only natural to try and cling to things that keep you grounded after such an emotionally draining period, like divorce. However, it’s also disheartening to read advice that is generic, like “Don’t beat yourself up about it” or “Get back into your hobbies,” escapism plays a big part in getting over the hardest part of your divorce and moving on with your life altogether.

3 Reassuring Pieces of Divorce Advice

  • One of the most painful realities of getting a divorce is having a very tight budget afterwards, however, you can quickly turn that into a strength. Again, you need to feel like you’re constantly progressing in life. A good way to do that becomes more financially stable. Take the time to develop a personal budget, work off debt, and save for your future. You could even make that trip around the world a reality someday. You may have to make some major changes in your life, but you’ll feel much better by having these financial goals.
  • People generally get over things in time, but what do you do to distract yourself in the meantime? Constantly moving, adapting, and expanding your worldview is a great way to get over a divorce, but what does that entail? You may not be able to travel around the world or you may not want to exercise by staying in some type of progressive motion will help you get over your divorce. Consider the things that make you happiest. Perhaps it’s reviewing movies, going for midnight walks, or simply spending time with your children. Find something you enjoy and turn that into something you can strive to improve. This will give you something where you have complete control and help you stay focused on the positive things in your life.
  • Dating, something you’ll feel compelled to do, then beat yourself up about it later. A lot of recently divorced people feel the need to get back in the dating world, find someone, and marry them as quickly as possible to catch up with their former lives. This is a really bad philosophy for a number of reasons, but most importantly you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. You need to take the time to make sure they will be a permanent fixture in your life, introduce them to your kids, and after gradually mixing your life with theirs can you start to think about remarrying. Remember, you are not “catching up” you’re getting it right this time around and that will take a lot of time and many bad dates.You need to constantly be progressing and working towards something better than you had before your divorce. Never feel discouraged if you fail or make mistakes, it’s all about trying and moving on with your life to become happy.

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