Top 5 Worst Divorce Tips You Should Avoid

You may be getting a lot of what seems to be good advice from friends and family. However, there are quite a number of common moves that people suggest that are morally unjust and legally incorrect. You should definitely avoid these divorce tips at all cost. You may be able to trust the people that give you these tips, but that doesn’t necessarily make them experts on the matter. If you hear any of the tips below, while going through your divorce, you should definitely take it with a grain of salt.

Top 5 Worst Divorce Tips of all Time

  1. Child Support and Seeing Children- Using your child to get child support, whether you’re paying it or receiving it, as a way to force the paying spouse to pony up is one of the worst divorce tips and a terrible way to go about the situation. Not only does it harm your relationship with your spouse even more, but it could negatively impact the child as well.
  2. Stay Married Until Children are Out of the House-This is another common idea that sounds great at first, for financial reasons, but does more harm than good. Children are a lot more resilient than you think and can handle a lot, but living in a home full of negative emotions is reportedly a lot worse for a child than just going through with the divorce. After a while, the child will understand and instead of living in one unhappy home they can enjoy two happy parents.
  3. Lock the Doors- In some cases, spouses have trouble with their significant other moving out of the home. Another one of the worst divorce tips you may receive is changing the locks right away, however, that never ends well. That home is home to both of you and both parties will see it that way. It’s best to simply respect the feeling and emotions of your partner.
  4. Aggressive Lawyer- Some people may give you the advice to lawyer up and lawyer up hard. It’s the mentality that “he who strikes first wins,” but you have to remember that you once shared a deep bond with this person. Using an aggressive approach to your divorce will only cause your spouse to strike back even harder. The best solution is always respecting each other’s needs and wants and proceeding in the most civil way possible.
  5. Get Cash Out Quick- This is the one you’ve probably heard most often and tops the charts in the worst divorce tips list. Taking out all your money or spending it all before your spouse can make a move will save you from losing your money if they decide to do the same. Again, striking first is never the solution. You need to work out the financials with your spouse in order to come up with a solution. Getting rid of the money never works and will more than often end up costing you in the end.

The best way to take on a divorce is treating your spouse with respect and talking with them as civilly as possible and avoiding the worst divorce tips above as best you can.

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