Divorce Advice for Women

Divorce advice for women is available and it doesn’t have to cost you anything. Get divorce advice for women free here.

Divorce Survival Tips for Women

The latest studies suggest after the dust has settled from a divorce, women are much happier in their daily lives. Women often feel a new sense of purpose and direction when it comes down to new financial responsibilities and the freedom to rekindle forgotten passions. It’s the tricky business of going through the legal process…


Divorce: Financial Advice for Women

Financial advice for women during a divorce is crucial in the early stages of the legal process. Many women going through a divorce don’t know what steps to take in order to secure their finances and often don’t feel comfortable taking on a new role of opposition with their spouse. Below are some helpful tips…


Divorce after 50 for Women

Since 2010, conducted surveys suggest that roughly 1 in 4 divorces are between couples over 50. What does this mean for women? Well, divorce at this age gets a little more complex. You likely have a lot more assets to divide than younger couples, not to mention pension and retirement accounts. Women, in particular, need…


Paying Alimony to Your Ex-Husband

Women have come a long way over the past century, making strides for equality more and more each year. A new phenomenon has recently occurred over the past few years of men being allotted alimony from women. Studies suggest that women have become the larger or primary income in nearly 40% of households in the…


Women and Divorce

When we are little girls we dream of having a husband, a home and children. Then when we are grown, some of us find our dreams turn into nightmares and we wind up in divorce court.  Unfortunately, women and divorce seem to be two words that go together more and more in today’s society. Women…