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You Can’t be Fired Because of Divorce

If you have given some thought to what your divorce means, in accordance with your job and financial stability, you should know that you can’t be fired because of divorce. There are a few reasons why people think this could be the case for them, even a case that occurred in 2006 (Supreme Court ruled…


What to Do if You Don’t Get Alimony

States around the country are changing their laws when it comes to making alimony a required part of divorce and while that seems fair for the changes in society over the last 4 decades, it certainly is not for people in a very specific situation. These changes really impact people that have given up their…


Top 5 Worst Divorce Tips You Should Avoid

You may be getting a lot of what seems to be good advice from friends and family. However, there are quite a number of common moves that people suggest that are morally unjust and legally incorrect. You should definitely avoid these divorce tips at all cost. You may be able to trust the people that…


Should I Divorce My Spouse

Should I Divorce My Spouse? If you’re reading this article it’s probably a question you’ve kicked around once or twice. There are so many things to consider in a marriage and if you have no one with a similar experience, it could be hard to tell if you should be getting a divorce or it’s…


Reassuring Pieces of Divorce Advice

We all want to feel some sense of comfort after a divorce. It’s only natural to try and cling to things that keep you grounded after such an emotionally draining period, like divorce. However, it’s also disheartening to read advice that is generic, like “Don’t beat yourself up about it” or “Get back into your…