Should I Divorce My Spouse

Should I Divorce My Spouse? If you’re reading this article it’s probably a question you’ve kicked around once or twice. There are so many things to consider in a marriage and if you have no one with a similar experience, it could be hard to tell if you should be getting a divorce or it’s something that couples go through and perhaps you can use therapy to make it work.

It can even more difficult if you have children and money to worry about after this life-changing decision has been made. The short answer is that only you can decide if divorce is the right approach for you situation. While there may be gurus out there claiming they can give you the answer, the reality is that no one knows your life better than you. That’s why you need to take all the following things into consideration if you you’re wondering “Should I divorce my spouse?”

What to Consider When Asking the Question “Should I Divorce My Spouse?”

When it comes to money you should know that trying to sabotage your spouse or vise-versa will only end badly for both people. There are mediators and other methods of coming to an understanding with your money in a civil way. If you are both reasonable people, you might not have to go through a lawyer and spend $15-20 thousand dollars (average cost of divorce).

Think of the Children! This is something that’s often a reason for a couple to stay together, however, that’s a terrible idea and premise. Your child will be much happier in a household without tension or passive-aggression. It should also be noted that once the divorce papers are signed, it doesn’t mean everything is over regarding your children. Your ex will have some say in the major events and decisions that courts simply can’t foresee and these disagreements could result in court battles.

Social Disapproval is something that many people considering divorce think about. What will your parents or friends think? That should be a moot point. Despite your worst thoughts, friends and family can often sense distress in a relationship and will likely be there to support your decision, no matter what it is in the end.

Should I Divorce My Spouse: Final Thoughts

Only you can decide if you should divorce your spouse, but you should definitely take these common misconceptions into consideration before you decide to stick with an unhappy marriage because of finances, children, or the opinions of those closest to you.

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